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Teen Suicide Baltimore, MD


Teen Suicide is a band from Orlando Florida; a quartet comprised of Sam Ray, Kitty Ray, Sean LaBree, and Nathan Munizzi. Together they create music that is as enjoyable as it is unclassifiable, eschewing the algorithmic nature of the modern music industry in favor of something more personal and much more interesting. Broadly speaking, they are as much a power-pop group as they are a sludge-metal band, with as much else in-between as that suggests. Though they draw influence from a bevy of different styles, they aim to create something uniquely synergistic out of them, rather than let them rot next to each other as pastiche.

While the band has existed in many phases - first as a solo project of Sam Ray, then as a two piece with original drummer Eric Livingston, and later as a loose collective of likeminded musicians & semi-permanent touring partners - the present lineup remains the first time there has been a dedicated and full-time group to write, record, and perform together. Innervated by this recent development, the members have remained hard at work writing and recording new music - their first since 2021, and the first ever that's been created in such a collaborative manner - and are looking forward to debuting much of it on tour in the spring & summer.

In addition to Teen Suicide, the band members are involved in many different notable projects. Kitty records - and produces - beautiful synth-pop/psychedelic music under her own name, as well as fronting the seminal dance-pop duo The Pom-Poms with Sam. Sean & Nathan comprise the post-punk band The Synthetics. Sam releases ambient/experimental electronic music under the name Ricky Eat Acid & has at various times over the years released music with the bands Julia Brown, Starry Cat, American Pleasure Club, among many others.  

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