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Run For Cover x Grillo's Pickles
Pickle Gig Shirt


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Shirt purchase includes free Run For Cover x Grillo's Pickles Keychain

For National Pickle Day and Black Friday 2022, longtime mutual admirers Grillo's Pickles and Run For Cover Records have teamed up for a limited merch & music capsule of gear exclusively available in the Run For Cover webstore.

We asked James Fisher to capture the combined essence of Grillo's and RFC in a few designs. This "Pickle Gig" design feels like, as they say, a Renaissance painting - those are mostly about anthropomorphic pickled vegetables stage diving, right? Every type of fan at your favorite show is covered here, from the grouchy stage-clove to the pitting red pepper. Tag yourself - I'm definitely Pickle Lover.

We've also got this Couch Pickle shirt, with a front RFC x Grillo's logo and a full-color back design. Here we've got two Pickle homies hanging insanely hard - gaming, eating pizza, listening to records in front of an insanely tricked out wall of RFC posters. Very noice.

In addition to merch spicier than some Hot Pickle De Gallo, we've also got this portable cassette player that i don't think we can legally call a Walkman available. but let's just say if you throw some batteries in this joint and pop a RFC x Grillo's 2022 Compilation Cassette Sampler in the deck... you're walkin', man. The tape features recent music from One Step Closer, Citizen, Anxious, Turnover, Sadurn, Narrow Head, Portrayal of Guilt, LANNDS, Field Medic, Runnner, Basement and more.

Designed by James Fisher

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