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Useless Eaters


West Orange, New Jersey's GDP has proven himself one of the hardest working acts in hip hop. His upcoming sophomore full-length, "Useless Eaters," was recorded by himself in various locations throughout the tri-state area, and mixed and mastered while on an independently booked 52-date national tour. Combining futuristic grime with homage to hip hop's past, "Useless Eaters" is GDP's most focused effort as well as his darkest.

1. Neural Circuitry
2. Quintuplets
3. Carbon Footprint
4. Little Boxes
5. Don't Worry About The Government
6. Oxypolycontin
7. Social Enema
8. Holy Grail
9. All My Friends Are On Meds
10. Biathanatos
11. Someday When Things Are Good

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