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New Jersey's GDP takes a step back from the pulsing, futuristic grime of 2011's 'Useless Eaters' and answers with a contemplative, intimate story of young love told over an assemblage of jazzy, serene samples and cinematic, orchestral interludes produced entirely by The Wrong Address. Peppered with GDP's barbed couplets and brash vignettes, Holla plays as a stream of consciousness navigating through the uncertainty of interpersonal relationships. Mature yet impulsive, obscure yet focused, GDP's latest is a testament to his versatility as one of today's most daring and innovative hip hop artists.

1. The Second Song on the Tape You Make Her
2. Catatonia
3. The Art of Blowing Glass vs The Act of Breaking It
4. Mascara Feat. Wiccaphase
5. Friends That Fuck
6. All Roads Lead You Here
7. Placeholder

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