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Spencer Radcliffe Chicago, IL


Hot Spring. Pick it up, flip through the leafy pages, right back to where you left off...Trail Guides, Hints, and the title of every chapter. "Preserve the drake, preserve the hen”... listen with one eye open.
“It’s sort of an ode to the constant underlying cosmic weirdness of everything and going through the cycles again and again and trying to stay sharp even in the face of guaranteed defeat,”

Radcliffe says. They’re heading back out with him, Everyone Else is, Radcliffe’s trustworthy companions: Ben Austin (cello), Grant Engstrom (lead guitar), Tina Scarpello (vocals), and Jack Schemenauer (percussion), with the addition of Pat Lyons playing the pedal steel guitar. Hot Spring was recorded by the band and handed off to JJ Golden, to safely wedge the message in the wire, a modern day telegraph affair.

It is a plea, a please-be-present appeal. Hot Spring is mystical, mythical, recursive, a handbook for the losers—more lightheartedly, the sharers, still looking to keep quick. It’s exploring those Great Outdoors again. Something’s building up....right on schedule and coming back around. Been brewing all along, maybe. ‘Cause, remember what happened last time? You can hear it in every song. There’s an omnipresent sense of trying to sort through dealings with the creature, nymphs, echo, angel, reflection of all things existential.

Worse comes to worst: look and laugh at the void and echo: tick tock

tick tock
tick tock.

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