Crying premiere new song, Get Olde / Second Wind pre-orders up now

You can now hear a new track “Batang Killjoy” from Cryings upcoming LP, comprised of their 2013 EP Get Olde along with 6 new tracks making up the  Second Wind portion. You can ALSO pre-order the vinyl and CD versions of Get Olde / Second Wind along with some new merchandise by clicking the cover art above.

You can also stream the first half of the double LP, 2013′s “Get Olde” below.

The band will also be hitting the road in November with Modern Baseball, click “more…” to check out the dates.


Whirr / Nothing 12″ Pre-Orders / New Nothing Song at Vogue

You can now pre-order the much anticipated split 12″ between Whirr and Nothing. The first song being premiered is “July the Fourth” by Nothing, which Vogue magazine calls their “most crushing” song yet. Head on over to Vogue to check out the song, or click the above image for vinyl pre-orders along with a slew of new merchandise. The vinyl features a full length DVD built into the packaging documenting the bands time spent recording with Will Yip at the now legendary Studio 4.

Mixed Singles Vol. 2 7″ – free 7″ with orders starting tomorrow

 If you’re paying attention, you might remember the free 7″ we released last summer called Mixed Singles Vol. 1 (which you can now download for free) which was available through ordering vinyl through our store. Well, it’s (almost) that time again, Mixed Singles Vol. 2 will be limited to 1000 copies and shipping with all orders starting tomorrow that include $20 or more of RFC vinyl (distro titles NOT included, sorry!).

The 7″ features a never-been-pressed-to-vinyl Whirr track, as well as songs from Crying, Makthaverskan, and Camera Shy (featuring members of Whirr / Nothing). You will be able to add the 7″ to your order for free, as long as there is $20 worth of Run For Cover releases on vinyl in your cart.

1. Whirr – Color Change Alternate Version
2. Crying – ES
3. Makthaverskan – Asleep
4. Camera Shy – Spin Me

To answer any questions preemptively:
1. These will be automatically added to orders starting 10/9/2014
2. The 7″ will automatically be added to your cart once you have $20 worth of RFC vinyl added to your cart. If the 7″ is not added, that means it is out of stock.
3. No you cannot purchase a copy by itself.
4. Yes, RFC pre-orders count in towards $20 of vinyl.

Little Big League stream “Tropical Jinx” LP at AV Club

Little Big League are streaming their awesome sophomore LP Tropical Jinx over at AV Club. Tropical Jinx is in stores October 14th and you can pre-order the CD/LP now. Check out what AV Club had to say below.

“While it’s easy to compare Little Big League to another Massachusetts band that shares similar ‘90s inspirations–the Pavement-esque Speedy Ortiz–each band has found ways to confidently craft its own unique take on this kind of punk-adjacent indie-rock. That confidence spills out of Zauner, givingTropical Jinx her most incisive lyrics…”

Citizen release “Figure You Out” Music Video

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 12.13.51 PM


Earlier this year Citizen toured the UK with Diamond Youth, where they filmed this video for the song “Figure You Out,” which can be found on their debut LP Youth, out now. The video is directed and shot by Ryan Mackfall.